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Leah Weiss

About Leah Weiss

Speaker. Author. Researcher. Purpose, Mindfulness, and Compassion in the Workplace.

A founding faculty member of the Dalai Lama’s Compassion and Cultivation Program at Stanford University, Leah Weiss, PhD, MSW is a ​lecturer at Stanford Business School, researcher and meditation expert​. She​ has dedicated her life to teaching people how to leverage research-based mindfulness and compassion insights to create outstanding leaders and thriving work environments. 

“I have long thought that what the Buddha taught can be seen as a highly developed science of mind which, if made more accessible to a lay audience, could benefit many people. I believe that Dr. Weiss’s book, in combining such insights with science and good business practice, offers an effective mindfulness-based program that many will find helpful.”  

 – His Holiness, the Dalai Lama  

“(This book) changes not just how you approach your job, but could well change your life. A mix of the practical and the philosophical… that is both unique and refreshing.”  

 – Abraham Verghese, author, Cutting For Stone